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    5 Wedding Traditions

    5  Wedding Traditions Everyone Should Know! Wedding traditions vary significantly from one tradition to another and from one religion to another. Here are 5 wedding traditions from different cultures. Couples...

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  • Outdoor ceremony
    Stress Free Rehearsals

    Stress free rehearsals require a bit of pre-planning…that in itself will go a long way! Also knowing where everyone is going to stand before you actually get to the...

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  • setting up chivari chairs
    Production Schedule Basics

    The benefits of using a production schedule are huge! Each and every member of your wedding team can refer to the schedule which improves event performance and provides an accurate...

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    Romantic Traditions

    Since primitive times every culture has romantic traditions. Some of these time-honored traditions include a simple exchange of rings which hasn’t changed much over the years. Other customs such...

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  • Kawika Regidor
    Music for the Ceremony

    Choosing your music for the ceremony can be a difficult task. Reason being is because it serves as the soundtrack for one of the most important days of your...

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  • Table & Canopy Shot
    Reception Venues Secrets

    Getting back stage is not easy. However, First Class Weddings is opening the door and sharing all the reception venues secrets that you’ve been wanting to know, yet nobody...

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  • Kissing couple
    10 First Wedding Planning Steps

    10 First Wedding Planning Steps! Planning plays an important role in the success of your special day. You should try to start at least six months or more in...

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  • businesswoman
    How to build the team

    It is important for do-it-yourself (DIY) couples to understand how to build the team. There are many people that will make your wedding happen for you and knowing who...

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  • two padlocks as concept for eternal love
    Soul Mate Quiz

    Take our Soul Mate Quiz and…find out if your love is true and you are really marrying your Soul Mate. Every year there are over 2 million weddings in America...

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  • Yumi Katsura Dress
    Celebrity Wedding Dress Designers

    When you’re a celebrity, the spotlight is always on you. Therefore, there is always added pressure to looking stunning for your big day! So where in the world are...

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